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Chris Edwards for State Senate: Let's get to work.

Legislative Record


When Chris first ran for office he pledged, as a parent of a pre-schooler, to make our schools more accountable and improve public education by:

Banning wasteful golden parachutes for school administrators;

Lowering teacher health insurance costs through the creation of health insurance purchasing pools;

Providing the funding for a full school year with smaller class sizes in every school district;

As soon as he took office Chris Got To Work to do exactly that. His son Simon is now in middle school and he's proud to report success on his schools agenda, but real change takes time, and there is so much more to do to fully fun our schools

Health Care

When Chris first ran for office he pledged to work on practical solutions to our health care crisis. Chris said he would work to:

Expand the eligibility for Oregon's innovative prescription drug purchasing pool so more families, seniors, and small businesses can get lower prices on lifesaving medicines;

Require health insurance companies to hold public hearings before they can raise our insurance rates again. And at a minimum, insurance rate increase filings ought to be made public;

Require hospitals to be more transparent and reveal exactly how much they bill patients with and without insurance;

Expand access to emergency contraception, ensuring that victims of sexual assault have access to emergency contraception;

As soon as he took office Chris Got To Work to do exactly that. It was difficult and not without compromise, but overall it was a successful fight.

Public Safety

When Chris first ran for office he told you that after years of neglect he would make public safety a priority. Chris said that Oregon should:

Hire 125 more state troopers;

Protect children from online pornography and make it a crime to solicit children on the Internet;

Promptly notify everyone who may have been an identity theft victim and allow identity theft victims to freeze their credit reports;

As soon as he took office Chris Got To Work to do exactly that and more, successfully working to authorize 139 new state troopers and give our state 24/7 trooper coverage.

Government Accountability

When Chris first ran for office he told you that we should increase Government Accountability by increasing audits of our state agencies and giving our agencies incentives to find savings in their budgets.

As Vice-Chair of the Government Accountability and Information Technology Committee, Chris Got To Work to do exactly that and more; instituting a Management Consulting SWAT Team to assist agencies in lowering costs, improving service, and increasing efficiency.

Not only did Chris Get To Work to increase funding for more aggressive audits of our state agencies, but he also worked to create a performance audit program for our schools.


When Chris first ran for office he told you that we could do things that were good for our economy and good for the environment like:

Creating green collar jobs by establishing energy standards so at least 25% of the power provided to Oregon consumers comes from renewable sources by the year 2025.

Creating a Residential Energy Tax Credit to help individuals improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

Creating Oregon's new "E-waste" recycling program so that toxins from electronics don't end up in our landfills, our soil , and in our water.

Fund Oregon's innovative Bio-Economy and Sustainable Technologies Center (BEST Center) to promote technological innovation in clean energy, bio-based products and green building industries.

As soon as he took office Chris Got To Work to do exactly that.


When Chris first ran for office he told you that the back-door annexation tactics used by the City of Eugene to annex Santa Clara without a vote of the people were wrong, and that he would Get To Work to bring them to an end by:

Severely limiting the use of annexed streets to create "islands" of unincorporated property that could then be annexed without a vote of the people;

Disbanding the Lane County Boundary Commission, the only Boundary Commission in the state (entirely appointed rather than elected) that made annexation decisions without accountability to the people.

As soon as he took office Chris Got To Work to do exactly that, and successfully fulfill his pledge.

Manufactured Home Parks

Shortly after being elected Chris was briefed on the terrible situation endured by manufactured home park residents facing park closures. It just didn't seem right.

So Chris Got To Work to lead passage of the strongest manufactured home park resident protections in the nation:

Requiring minimum 1-year notice prior to park closure;

Offering state tax credits to help offset the cost of displacement;

Requiring park owner payments to homeowners to help offset the costs of displacement;

Protecting displaced homeowners from being charged for the disposal of homes abandoned due to economic hardship;

Ensuring the rights of park owners to evict convicted sex offenders from their parks to ensure the safety of residents;

Enabling park residents to form coops to buy their park from the owners; a truly win-win situation.