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Chris Edwards for State Senate: Let's get to work.

Meet Chris

Chris Edwards, a 6th generation Oregonian, was born in Roseburg. He spent the first half of his childhood in Bandon, where his dad was the operating partner of a veneer mill. When Chris was in middle school, his parents moved the family to Eugene so that his mom could go back to school (Lane Community College, then UO), and so Chris and his sister could benefit from the educational opportunities in Eugene. After graduating from high school, Chris enrolled at Oregon State University, where he was active in numerous campus leadership roles and earned his degree in Business Administration while minoring in Latin American Studies.

After graduating from Oregon State, Chris returned to Eugene to work in the family’s forest products business. As the company’s General Manager Chris came to appreciate the challenges facing small businesses: markets that were dominated by corporate giants, well-intentioned regulation that was difficult to comply with, and skyrocketing health care costs that were crippling the bottom line. After a nearly fatal market downturn, Chris and his dad and their loyal employees pulled together to get the company through very difficult times.

Chris then decided to take his experience to Salem to fight for what he believes in:

  • Fully-funded schools that meet the needs of ALL students
  • A health care system that puts patients first and doesn’t bankrupt families
  • Natural resource policy based on sustainability AND the economic well-being of our communities
  • Government that is well-run, accountable, and controls costs
  • Government that sides with ordinary folks and helps create opportunity

When not in Legislative session, Chris works in his own small business to help Oregon companies establish sales and distribution in Asian markets. As a small business owner, Chris understands the challenges facing entrepreneurs working to grow their companies, build a retirement, and give back to their community.

As the youngest member of the Senate (40), and one of only a handful of Senate members with school aged children, you will likely find Chris taking his kids to or from school, soccer practice, or Tae Kwon Do when he’s not in Salem or working in his business.

In the Senate, Chris has earned a reputation as a thoughtful lawmaker who is willing to work with Republicans and Democrats alike to make Oregon a place that we can all be proud of; an exciting place to start and grow a business, a state with plentiful job opportunities, and a healthy place to raise a family.